Six ways to simplify mould modifications

Published: 03/19

The purpose of prototyping is to either confirm that your design is ready for production or to spot problems so you can correct them. If there are problems, you’re probably going to fix them and order new parts. That may require a whole new mould or part of a new mould, or it might be done by ...

Turning to lathe for cylindrical parts

Published: 03/19

It was once a no-brainer. Round parts were turned on lathes; non-round parts were machined on mills. With the advent of CNC machining centres, which interpolate round part features with ease, the line between the two machining processes became blurred.

How metal 3D Printing can be a game changer for medical device development

Published: 03/19

At Protolabs, we are seeing an increased adoption by our medical device partners of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), the additive manufacturing process that 3D prints industrial-grade metal parts.