Exceed TurboX remote access for the Oil and Gas industry

Published: 07/19

OpenText Exceed TurboX (ETX) reduces the cost for implementing and maintaining remote access to graphically demanding software solutions on UNIX, Linux and Windows. For exploration and production companies that work with a dispersed workforce of geologists and contractors, working and collaborating ...

Learn how SMS group is using OpenText Exceed TurboX to improve the productivity of their engineers

Published: 07/19

OpenText Exceed TurboX enables SMS-group engineers to perform their work with graphically demanding server-based applications from any location.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Manufacturing, Architectural Engineering, Oil& Gas, Utilities can empower its global workforce with a high-performance remote access solution

Published: 07/19

OpenText Exceed TurboX makes graphically demanding UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows applications and desktops accessible through the web so your business can empower its global workforce with a high-performance remote access solution.

Three reasons why businesses leverage powerful remote desktop access

Published: 07/19

Aberdeen Research on why remote access makes organisations more successful.

Can your entire product design and production team access 3D product designs?

Published: 06/19

Product design teams and construction and manufacturing teams can be far apart. See how remote access software can integrate their workflows.

How to save time and money when designing your mould tool

Published: 06/19

This webinar will help you reduce your time to market and get the most cost-effective part from your injection-moulding supplier.

How to utilise injection moulding effectively for medical applications

Published: 03/19

In our first Protolabs Live broadcast we will be discussing how to effectively use injection-moulding for the manufacture of medical parts and prototypes.

Reinventing Manufacturing with Injection Moulding

Published: 01/19

We all know that in today's fast paced market place, speed is the key to success. So how can you utilise rapid injection moulding to ensure your product gets to market fast?

Stop & Stay Multi-Positional Gas Springs

Published: 10/18

Stop & Stay gas springs allow multi-positional holding of a counter balanced weight over the entire stroke of the gas spring (gas strut). They are easy to install and allow lift assist whilst holding the application in place utilising the friction control device. Available with either adjustable ...

Cam-Stay – Multi-positional telescopic stay

Published: 10/18

Cam-Stay is a manually operated telescopic multi-positional stay designed to support up to 135kg. All Cam-Stays are universal and can be mounted with the holding slots up or down.

How to fit and de-gas a Vari-Lift valved gas spring

Published: 10/18

A video showing how to de-gas a Camloc Vari-Lift valved gas spring using a 2mm Allen Key.