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Mounting: Dampers

Published: 10/18

Should dampers be mounted rod up or rod down?

Brushless Motors: Powerful water jet protection with IP66 and flexible control

Published: 04/18

A comprehensive IP66 motor and driver package lineup with high efficiency and four speed control possibilities.

5 Ways to Master Complex Features in Injection-Moulded Parts

Published: 02/19

Design more engaging and efficient parts, and reduce production costs, with these tips

3D printed cranial implant gives better quality of life

Published: 02/19

Cranial implants are highly intricate and must be manufactured to the highest standards. Once such patient in Argentina, who needed a particularly large implant after cerebrovascular surgery, required an implant to be the best fit possible, with ...

Designing Liquid Silicone Rubber Prototypes and Components

Published: 02/19

Learn how to optimise LSR parts with 6 simple design considerations.

Protolabs: Secondary Services

Published: 02/19

Secondary services may be required to meet the process control, functional or cosmetic (typically branding or labelling) needs for a specific project. The necessity of these additional services are determined by that specific need.

Speeding up the product development cycle in Aerospace

Published: 01/19

“Safety is the overriding concern in aerospace and space technology”, comments Stephen Dyson, Special Operations Manager at Protolabs. Countless test cycles, inspection procedures and certificates are behind every single part of the jigsaw. Although ...

Innovative wrist rest made a reality with injection moulding

Published: 01/19

The ICE design team developed a wrist rest to support trike riders and needed fast delivery of a product that was strong, lightweight and cost effective. The process required precision on product diameter so that it fitted exactly onto a ...

A guide to help you make CNC material decisions quickly

Published: 01/19

Protolabs CNC Material Selector lists specific measurements like heat deflection, tensile strength and hardness to identify the most suitable material for your part’s application, along with its suitability for milling and turning.

Inconel 718: A superalloy with enduring relevance

Published: 01/19

Metal 3D printing has brought Inconel, the classic nickel-based heat resistant alloy, well and truly into the 21st century…