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Mounting: Dampers

Published: 10/18

Should dampers be mounted rod up or rod down?

Six ways to simplify mould modifications

Published: 03/19

The purpose of prototyping is to either confirm that your design is ready for production or to spot problems so you can correct them. If there are problems, you’re probably going to fix them and order new parts. That may require a whole new mould or ...

Turning to lathe for cylindrical parts

Published: 03/19

It was once a no-brainer. Round parts were turned on lathes; non-round parts were machined on mills. With the advent of CNC machining centres, which interpolate round part features with ease, the line between the two machining processes became ...

Automotive: reducing component weight

Published: 03/19

Increasing smog and pollution, fluctuating fuel prices, environmental concerns over fracking and offshore drilling — there are many reasons to increase fuel efficiency in both passenger and commercial vehicles. One of the best ways to do this is by ...

Medical and health care: accelerating speed to market

Published: 03/19

Speed to market is everything when it comes to development of medical components and devices. This white paper examines various rapid manufacturing options available to today’s medical design engineers and product developers.

How metal 3D Printing can be a game changer for medical device development

Published: 03/19

At Protolabs, we are seeing an increased adoption by our medical device partners of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), the additive manufacturing process that 3D prints industrial-grade metal parts.

5 Ways to Master Complex Features in Injection-Moulded Parts

Published: 02/19

Design more engaging and efficient parts, and reduce production costs, with these tips

3D printed cranial implant gives better quality of life

Published: 02/19

Cranial implants are highly intricate and must be manufactured to the highest standards. Once such patient in Argentina, who needed a particularly large implant after cerebrovascular surgery, required an implant to be the best fit possible, with ...

Designing Liquid Silicone Rubber Prototypes and Components

Published: 02/19

Learn how to optimise LSR parts with 6 simple design considerations.