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Brushless Motors: Powerful water jet protection with IP66 and flexible control

Published: 04/18

A comprehensive IP66 motor and driver package lineup with high efficiency and four speed control possibilities.

Take it easy! Proposals for stalled conveyors

Published: 04/18

With the continuous increase of consumption, factories and production facilities are facing ever increasing demand for automation. In order to meet this demand, conveyor and other equipment manufacturers are adding enhanced functionality and ...

Extremely precise and smooth

Published: 04/18

Independently of your application, the demands of motion and motion control are growing steadily. Beside precision, speed stability and costs, the motor performance is always an important factor. It does not matter if you want to drive a precise ...

Bring speed and reliability to your assembling line

Published: 04/18

Smart phones, intelligent devices, connected cars, data centres. The needs for IC chips is widening and varying.

Reducing vibrations and noise

Published: 04/18

Compact, standardised drivers, combined with performance driven high torque stepper motors, for the optimum results.

High efficient – optimally designed

Published: 04/18

AC motors and gear motors operate by simply supplying Single-Phase or Three-Phase AC power from a commercial power supply.

Industry 4.0 - The AZ Series with MEXE02 data setting software makes it possible

Published: 04/18

With the parameterisation software MEXE02 realise extensive status monitoring like continuous surveillance of engine and driver temperature, load factor and speed. In case of exceptional events temperature monitoring can be used to cool down closed ...

Richard Childress Racing leverages ANSYS to improve racecar speeds

Published: 02/18

Richard Childress Racing (RCR) will improve racing times with ANSYS through a new, multi-year partnership. RCR will leverage ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation software to more accurately predict machine performance and enhance vehicle speed on ...

New connector type with smart wiring

Published: 01/18

The new connector type in the compact, high-efficiency BMU Series, directly connects the motor and driver together. Smart wiring and water resistance performance (degree of protection IP66) have been achieved.

Advanced, easy to use and highly functional brushless DC package

Published: 01/18

BLE Series models have been fully revamped. The motor, driver, and cable have been redesigned. While retaining the original advantages of the brushless DC motors. This makes the BLE2 Series easy to use and highly functional. This advanced model ...